Our History

MedRIST (Medical Research Integrated Solutions and Tools), a part of UHN, is committed to providing a wide range of support services to academic institutions, research organizations and life science companies. MedRIST is owned by UHN, and was formed by a collaborative effort between departments within UHN Research Solutions & Services (RSS).

UHN is the largest research hospital in Canada, comprising of the Toronto General Hospital (TGH), Toronto Western Hospital (TWH), Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) and Toronto Rehabilitation Institute (TRI). As a teaching hospital affiliated with the University of Toronto, UHN engages in the full spectrum of healthcare research, spanning from basic to clinical research and medical technology discoveries. RSS was established in 2000 as an operational support infrastructure to enable research program activities of scientists across UHN. RSS supports over 1,200 researchers and manages over 991,000 sq. ft. of research space.

Over the past several years, RSS gained in-depth expertise and experience, and developed innovative products and services to serve the diverse research community at UHN. MedRIST was established to transfer our knowledge and best practices to external clients in academic, clinical and industry settings.

Our Associates

Lisa Alcia, BSc, MHSc, CPA, CMA

As Executive Director and Chief Research Operations Officer of Research Operations at UHN, Lisa has been instrumental in designing and developing the research organizational infrastructure for UHN. Lisa’s diverse experience includes establishing research centres and collaborative networks and consulting on several private and public sector initiatives over the past 20 years. With a graduate degree in Healthcare Management from University of Toronto and a recently earned CMA, CPA financial designation, Lisa has pioneered, leadership coaching models, lean transformations, client service models, and enterprise wide business solutions. She is skilled at developing high performance teams, strategy and risk management frameworks and as well as at identifying and connecting specialized teams to deliver multi-disciplinary solutions. Lisa has lead capacity building and healthcare transformation initiatives in the middle-east and locally within Canadian academic centres.

Badru Moloo, DVM

Dr. Moloo, has over 30 years experience as a laboratory animal veterinarian. As a Senior Director at the UHN Animal Resources Centre (ARC), Dr. Moloo supervises the logistical demands and needs of researchers using animal models and maintains the highest standards of ethical care. He has held several positions with the government, public and private sector at various hospitals and research facilities. Dr. Moloo is a recipient of the Tecniplast Veterinarian of the Year Award from the Canadian Association for Laboratory Animal Science (CALAS), a national association dedicated to providing high quality training and educational resources to animal care professionals across Canada. MedRIST will benefit from Dr. Moloo’s expertise in animal research and dedication to excellence in Laboratory Animal Science.

Paul MacPherson, MBA

As the Director, Grants, Contracts & Clinical Research Services UHN Research Support Solutions, Paul is an effective leader with 15  years’ experience in research management. Paul is responsible for operational oversight for clinical research, including the operational framework for clinical trial contract negotiation at UHN and single and multi centred ethics review services at a leading practice level, and the operational framework for grants administration, He has also lead the development of web-based online projects, including tools coordinating institutional approvals for clinical trials, conflict of interest and a clinical research record. Paul previously worked in Research Administration at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto. He graduated from the University of Regina with a BFA (Theatre), and from the Schulich School of Business at York University with an MBA. Paul has been involved in a number of harmonization efforts in clinical research administration, including past chair of the Clinical Study Agreements Working Group (comprised of a group of Toronto academic hospitals) and a number of ongoing projects to coordinate multi-centre REB review.

Katie Roposa, RN MEd

As the Director Research Quality Integration and with over 15 years’ experience in the clinical research regulatory environment, study administration, operational risk management and organizational program development, Katie leads the RQI team in identifying and managing risks based on systems and process analysis in support of clinical research excellence. As Director Research Quality Integration, Katie uses this expertise in combination with skills such as project management and Lean for Healthcare to lead the development and implementation of quality initiatives and best practices in the organization, such as Clinical Research Standards, Internal Quality Audit Program and the Responsible Conduct of Research framework. Katie is a Certified Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence with the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and holds a Master’s certificate in Operational Risk Management from Schulich Business School at York University. Katie is a Registered Nurse with a BScN from Ryerson and holds a Master’s degree in Education from the University of Toronto.


Ian McDermott

Our Senior Director Research Facilities Planning & Safety, Ian has over 19 years experience in managing space and designing research environments ranging from smaller laboratories to larger facilities such as the Toronto Medical Discovery Tower (TMDT) – MaRS and Krembil Discovery Center at UHN (opened November 2013). His experience and understanding of laboratory operations enables him to focus on need of the researchers and develop effective, efficient and safe research workspaces that meet all the regulatory guidelines. He and his team of safety coordinators specialize in providing laboratory specific safety solutions including biological, chemical and general laboratory safety. They posses a breadth of experience catering to basic, pre-clinical and clinical research labs. Ian holds a Bachelor of Sciences degree from University of Toronto and has been a keynote speaker at several national and international conferences Test

Ruth Cawdron, MA

As the Manager of Research Program Planning and Analysis, Ruth's focus is on designing metrics and tools to support UHN strategic planning needs and meet accountability requirements. This includes developing scalable frameworks for the quantitative assessment of research activity and publication impact (bibliometrics) relevant for diverse fields of research. Additionally, Ruth manages UHN Research service evaluation initiatives (user satisfaction, benchmarking, Balanced Score Card, etc.).