How we help our clients

We help our clients by providing customized and innovative solutions across different functions, including research standards, research leading practices, skills training programs, laboratory safety training, research impact, as well as on customized technology solutions to facilitate policy and regulatory compliance.

Our Impact: Operational and Governance Infrastructure

The challenge: A large international medical organization required a thorough assessment, as well as specialized assistance in planning and training to define and implement operational and governance infrastructure to strengthen its clinical research enterprise and enable institutional evolution. 

Our solution: In collaboration with UHN partners, the client was provided with  an operating structure for a world-class clinical and translational research centre within an academic health system, including policies, processes and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), as well as an assessment of guidelines to build knowledge, develop skills and establish corporate administrative and management functions. 

Best-in-class research management solutions also included a customized framework for clinical and translational research, including research protocol review and grants and contracts administration. Through customized onsite training sessions coupled with e-learning, the client was able to meet the needs of learners operating in an international research setting. The client was able to strategically position itself as a leading research institution within the context of its regional agenda.

Our Impact: Customized Regulatory Training

The challenge: a large Canadian medical service provider required a customized and interactive modular-based e-learning solution to provide training to staff members on privacy legislation relevant to health care organizations.

Our solution: Given the complexities associated with the client’s programs and services, our adult education specialists delivered e-modules that were carefully customized and tailored to meet the learning needs as well as the regulatory requirements of each learner group.  Training solutions were also standardized based on relevant legislation to meet regional learning protocols. The client was able to meet regulatory learning requirements, monitor and track training compliance, and enable staff to continue providing the best care for their patients.



Our Impact: Asset Relocation Services

The challenge: A large Canadian immuno-oncology company focused on developing innovative therapies for the treatment of cancer required specialized asset relocation services to transfer laboratory equipment, chemicals, biological samples and laboratory supplies to a newly built research facility.

Our solution:  MedRIST led a an multi-disciplinary team with extensive experience in planning and managing research spaces, the client was provided with dynamic solutions that allow management of inventory and equipment in a new facility. The services provided, which included post-construction inspection, vendor selection support, on-site management during relocation, site visits, relocation preparation, and safety planning & development, considerably reduced the administrative burden of relocation and allowed the client to focus on its core business mandate.

Our Impact: Specialized Veterinary Services

The challenge: A large Canadian hospital-based research institute driven by scientific excellence of its researchers required specialized veterinary advice on animal models, as well as a suite of relevant services to comply with regulations required by national and provincial regulatory agencies as well as the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Our solution: A team of dedicated animal care and veterinary technicians and veterinarians provided a full spectrum of veterinary services as required by the client, which enabled the client to better support research teams seeking research grants, developing training for animal users, as well as advancing the client’s objectives to review occupational health and safety protocols related to animal use.