In today’s competitive health sciences research environment, technological, logistical, regulatory, and training challenges can impact the outcomes of biomedical research investments.

University Health Network (UHN) is home to one of the largest health sciences research program in Canada. Core to the success of UHN’s research enterprise is a highly efficient and industry-leading research support infrastructure that has enabled optimal research operations and quality.  MedRIST was established to transfer that knowledge and best practices to external clients in academic, clinical and industry settings.

Through a comprehensive suite of services, UHN’s innovative industry-leading framework is available to advance the goals of research portfolios.  MedRIST offers expertise on research standards and leading practices, skills training programs as well as on customized technology solutions that reduce administrative burden and facilitate policy and regulatory compliance.



•Clinical investigator workshops on best practices and standards
•Customized preclinical workshops for selected species and specialized   techniques for biomedical research
•Research facilities space planning and safety programs including bio-safety, chemical safety and general laboratory safety
•Laboratory operations training


Technology Solutions

Web-based applications to:
  •Enable research teams to expedite required regulatory and ethical approvals to conduct human subject research
  •Manage research-related activities in animal subjects
  •Promote research initiatives and relevant knowledge management activities
  •Data management tools to execute architectures and policies relevant to biomedical research

Planning & Evaluation

•Research safety audit, facility planning and design
•Quality and compliance audits
•Citation Analysis, bibliometrics and research impact
•Veterinary consulting advice on animal models, SOPs and occupational health & safety related to animal  use