Technology Solutions

MedRIST associates support the configuration and customization of solutions for basic and clinical research. As a seamless back-end software development partner, our associates help your academic, clinical and industry organization connect, manage, and share your research information.

Coordinated Approval Process for Clinical Research (CAPCR© )

CAPCR© is an institutional solution that manages the electronic submission process for clinical research studies by simplifying relevant approval process. CAPCR© builds on existing institutional capacities by enabling research teams to obtain the right approvals, from the right decision-makers at the right time. CAPCR© is built on an intuitive interface and on the logic of the business of the research enterprise. Therefore, relevant approval and administrative process are automated, tracked and executed seamlessly resulting in a smooth approval processes even from multiple institutional stakeholders.

CAPCR© enables research teams to avoid common duplication as approval processes are fully automated. Once implemented, CAPCR© exponentailly increases organizational efficiency through cross-department communication and interaction regarding reviews, which translates into substantial economies of scale in research administration.

CAPCR©  advantages include instittional compliance, accountability and communication.

CAPCR© electronic approval system is:

  • Available 24x7 secure online access
  • Capable to eliminate the need for multiple copies and manual submissions
  • Cost efficient, avoid duplicate work
  • Able to enable faster approval, single access point
  • Able to provide greater access and better organzation in relation to study information
  • Accurate in communicating with the right reviewer
  • Compatible with existing systems and serves as a repositiry of approved documents
  • Dynamic as serves as a tool for quality control

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Custom Software Solutions

Our team has worked extensively to support the technical needs of the research community.  A number of software solutions have been developed and are now available to support your research portfolio.

Many clients have benefited from our expert support in integration of clinical data sources for data mining and data augmentation.Some of the custom software solutions include: 

  • Clinical databases
  • Analytical tools
  • Data mining tools
  • Interfacing with external devices and software

Our enterprise software solutions are customizable and operate in many institutional environments including:

  • Animal research management systems
  • Procurement management software
  • Financial reporting software

Customized Web-based Solutions

MedRIST provides specialized website design and development. As integral part of your research enterprise, our associates are able to help clients through the process of creating their own site, from project initiation to deployment and evaluation.

Are you a new Principal Investigator looking to promote emerging research studies?

Are you a Principal Investigator looking to increase recruitment in clinical trials?

Are you hosting an upcoming seminar or workshop that requires an online registration webpage? 

MedRIST could help. We work closely with our clients to deliver a mix of meaningful content and visuals to accurately display the details of your services or event. Our associates use the latest tools available combining attractive layout design with intelligent technology and ultimately create a website that works for you.