MedRIST recognizes that training and education programs are a critical component of our organizational success. Our Training Specialists develop and deliver multiple training courses designed for the research community and beyond. We have developed comprehensive education programs that include e-learning modules and in-class training programs. Training presents a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base of employees. Employees who feel appreciated and challenged through training opportunities may feel more satisfaction toward their jobs.

e-Learning Module Development

Our team has developed and delivered a comprehensive suite of e-Learning courses to a variety of learners, within and outside the bio-medical research community.  Our training specialists use their knowledge and tools to ensure that empirically established e-Leaning principles are observed to ensure successful training outcomes.  

The use of e-Learning allows clients to disseminate and manage knowledge quickly and effectively, resulting in the optimization of training resources. The use of deeper learning methods, relevant graphics, audio narration, personalization, congruence and segmentation of knowledge are some of the approaches we use to develop effective e-Learning tools.   

Our services are rooted in the highest standards of adult learning principles to ensure the delivery of meaningful and relevant content that could be applied in learners’ roles and responsibilities.  

Plan and Manage Research Spaces

When space is at a premium in research environments, an efficient design and plan is crucial for achieving success.  Over the last several years, our specialists have gained extensive experience in creating and maintaining enviromnets that have enable the success of comples research programs.  Our team has been able to meet diverse needs in wet and dry laboratories, in basic, preclinical and clinical research enviroments with complex infrastructure and cutting edge technology. 

Our space planning associates offer workshops on planning and managment of physical spaces in an academic, medical and health science centre settings.

From basic to advanced training offerings, our one-of-a-kind services will allow your team to: :

  • Understand fundamental space planning and management vocabulary and concepts, 
  • Learn how to incorporate safety requirements into the design, and
  • Recongnize the importance of stakeholder involvement and their impact on decision making.


Quality Clinical Investigator Practices (QCIP©) Training Program

Do you need to bring your research team to the next level of quality and professional accountability?

Do you need a customizable solution to bring excellence to your research portfolio?

The QCIP© Program is a comprehensive training course built on the foundation of research quality, professional accountability and patient safety. Participants learn get knowledge of how to conduct all aspects of clinical research according to internationally recognized standards and best practices. 

The QCIP© Program is designed to support and promote the development of clinical investigators, equipping them with the tools to further their careers and raise the research profile of the institutions where they practice.

Although aimed at clinical investigators, The QCIP© Program can be tailored for any member of the research team, including postdoctoral fellows and clinical research coordinators.

By bringing the The QCIP© Program to your institution, you will be able to:

  • Equip your clinical investigators with the skills required to successfully conduct clinical trials
  • Demonstrate your commitment to the research impact of clinical investigators through training in quality management and good clinical practices 
  • Optimize the potential for clinical research personnel to excel in leadership roles within the research community.
  • Enhance the visibility of your research team, national and internationally, which might result in attracting highly qualified personnel and funds.